How to Deal With a Jealous Younger Sister

Written by melody dawn | 13/05/2017

If you have a younger sibling, then you know about sibling rivalry. Sisters often are jealous of one another because they must live in close proximity. Jealousy stems from not getting what the other has. In the case of sisters, younger sisters are often jealous because their older siblings have more freedom. Older sisters wear make-up, go on dates and stay out later than their younger sisters. This can cause tension in the household and often make life unbearable.

Ignore your sister when she shows jealousy toward you. Go to your room or find something constructive to do. Spend your time making yourself better instead of dwelling over her behaviour. The best thing that you can do when dealing with sibling jealousy is not to pay attention to her negative behaviour.

Pay attention to her in between jealous outbursts. Play her favourite game with her or take her shopping. Do something nice for her. Watch a movie together or bake cookies. It will be difficult for her to be mad or jealous with you if you are paying attention to her.

Smooth over arguments. Never fight back with her when she is displaying her jealousy. Fighting will only make her more mad at you and cause more feelings of bad will.

Talk to your sister and find out exactly why she is jealous. Explain that you might get things that she does not have because you are older. Discuss with her the things that she might get away with because she is younger. Point out her good qualities and let her know that you appreciate her. Congratulate her on her achievements.

Talk to your parents if the situation doesn't improve. Parents might need to intervene if the jealousy gets out of hand.

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