How to Repel Foxes

Updated November 21, 2016

Foxes can pose a threat to your household, livestock and peace of mind, but there are numerous cheap ways to rid your environment of unwanted foxes. Repellents, fences and other more-extreme measures are available to eliminate foxes and prevent further damage to your property. It is important to keep in mind that foxes can be dangerous creatures, and so attempting to run them off on your own can be hazardous.

Use a fence to block the fox from entering your yard. Weld-mesh fences are the best type of fences, because foxes can't tamper with them and get around them.

Place hard floors and firm locks on your fences in order to ensure that the fox can't break through or dig under.

Keep a large dog around that can scare the fox. Do not get a dog that is smaller than the foxes in your area, or the foxes might kill him. Your dog should be large with a resounding bark, which will scare away smaller animals.

Purchase repellents to keep the foxes away. These repellents may be auditory warning signals that scare foxes or smells that deter foxes.

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