How to Make Clothes on IMVU

Updated February 21, 2017

IMVU is a social entertainment website where members go to chat, meet people, play games and use their creativity. The IMVU Creator program allows registered members to create items such as stickers, models, games and clothing and submit them to the IMVU catalogue to be sold to fellow members around the world. Use your imagination to design and make clothes on IMVU Creator to gain credits and even money for some items to use in IMVU.

Register by going to the IMVU Creator website (imvu/ and click on "Get Started Now!.

Log in with your IMVU login or click on "Sign Up" if you are not already an IMVU member.

Choose "Female" or "Male" and select an avatar if you are signing up for IMVU for the first time. Pick an avatar name and password. Then provide your name, e-mail address, country and birthday. Enter the security check words and click on "Create IMVU Account."

Go to your main IMVU page and click on "Create" to get started.

Click on "Derive a New Product" on the left side of the page.

Select which product you would like to base your new clothing creation on from the list provided and click "Derive."

Use the tools on the right side of the window to make the changes you would like to create your new clothing item. Change the texture, colour and other aspects of the item with these tools.

Click on "Apply Changes" when you are finished with your creation. Save it by clicking on "Save As," found under the "Save" menu. Choose a name to save your creation under and save.

Click on "Upload" to place your clothing product in the IMVU catalogue. Add a product name, description, price and tag. Then pick where in the catalogue to place it and hit "Submit."

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