How to Convert a SKF to a DXF

Updated July 20, 2017

"SKF" is a proprietary file format used by AutoSketch, a 2D drafting program published by Autodesk. SKF files are not compatible with Autodesk's own AutoCAD drafting software and must be converted to a different file format if the user does not own AutoSketch. AutoCAD instead uses the "DXF" file format, a more universal drafting format accepted by a wide range of programs. However, for those lacking AutoSketch, Autodesk does not provide an easy or free way to convert those SKF files. Instead, the user may have to convert the file to an intermediary format, such as PDF, and finally to DXF.

Open the SKF file in AutoSketch.

Click "File" and choose "Save As" from the drop-down menu.

Choose "DXF" as the file type and save your file.

Download and install the following programs: XnView, GhostScript, and a PDF to DXF converter such as Aide PDF to DXF Converter or Any PDF to DWG Converter. XnView is a free image viewer and converter that can read SKF files. GhostScript is a free PostScript interpreter that other programs use to write PDF files.

Open your SKF file in XnView. Click the "Convert" button and choose "PDF" as the file type.

Open your new PDF in your converter of choice. Output your file to DXF.

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