How to write a letter of thanks to a daughter-in-law

Updated April 17, 2017

A letter of thanks to your daughter-in-law may be the best way to express your sincere gratitude for something special that she has done for you, a gift she has given to you or the money she spent to do something for you. A letter of thanks to a daughter-in-law can act as a way to convey sincere gratitude, give a sentimental gift or even offer a morale boost.

Create the context. Before you go on to write about how thankful you are, let your daughter-in-law know what her actions may have meant to you by setting the stage for her. Did she help you out in the middle of a crisis? If so, let her know how desperate you were before help came. Is she working very hard to support the family while her husband is away? If so, let her know how you worried about the family before she started to show her strength.

Mention specific actions or words. In the next stage of your letter, mention specific actions or words by your daughter-in-law that were meaningful to you. You may find that you do not have the right words to express what you mean. It is OK to say things like, "I don't know how to explain to you what that meant to me" or "I don't know how to thank you." Being lost for words is normal when trying to express strong feelings. The most important aspect of this stage is to mention specifics, since they come across as truer and more heartfelt than generalities.

Mention admirable qualities she possesses. In the previous stage of the letter you mentioned specific words or actions that your daughter-in-law performed but in this stage, focus on her qualities. You may extract those qualities from the words or actions you talked about earlier or you may focus on entirely new qualities. Name those qualities specifically if you can. For example, you could talk about how her humour brought joy and laughter in the most desperate circumstances, or how her grace inspired peace within you.

Say thank you. The last stage of the letter is where you say thank you. You should only say the words "thank you" once in your letter. You may keep it simple with just those two words since the other parts of the letter have expressed your gratitude, or you may elaborate more on why you are thankful.

Things You'll Need

  • Thank you card
  • Writing paper
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