How to Buff Out Scratched Chrome

A car's chrome refers to a plating of the metal chromium on a metal or plastic surface. The chromium provides a strong, shiny finish that adds beauty and value to an automobile's trim and rims. Unfortunately, even the most expensive chrome pieces are susceptible to small scratches. You can remove these scratches at home without the need for expensive equipment, or a trip to the local auto-body shop.

Cover the affected area with a thick layer of chrome polishing compound. Use products specifically for use on chrome because products used for other metals will dull the chrome's finish.

Wet a piece of superfine, or #0000, steel wool with the chrome polish as well.

Work the superfine steel wool in overlapping circles over the chrome scratch.

Continue to work the steel wool pad into the chrome scratch until it is completely removed. Replenish the chrome polish on the affected surface every five minutes to ensure that the steel wool does not cause any further small scratches.

Examine the area. Once the steel wool and polish have successfully removed the scratch, buff the area with a soft cloth. This will restore the shine to the chrome piece and work any remaining polish into the surrounding areas.


Any major scratches that were not removed with this method must be removed by a professional.

Things You'll Need

  • Chrome polishing compound
  • Superfine steel wool
  • Soft cloth
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