How to Uninstall K9 Without a Code

Written by ken seaman | 13/05/2017
How to Uninstall K9 Without a Code
You can uninstall K9 even if you don't recall your password. (Martin Poole/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The online filter program K9 Web protection provides parental controls to prevent access to websites such as gambling and pornographic sites. Once you install K9 Web Protection, you will have a difficult time removing the software if you do not remember the administrator password or have access to the email address you used during installation. If you attempt to uninstall the software and enter the wrong password, K9 will block your Internet access. If you have administrator access to the computer system, you can work around the requirements and uninstall the program.

Navigate to the K9 Web Protection website (see the Resources section), and click on the button labelled "Free Download." Fill out the online form with your first name, last name and e-mail address. Click on the button "Request License" to initiate the sending -- via e-mail to the address you provided -- a new activation code and a link to download K9 Web Protection.

Log in to your e-mail and write down the activation code provided in the new e-mail. Follow the link to download the K9 software. Do not install the new software yet.

Open the Task Manager by holding down the Control, Alt and Delete keys at the same time, and select "Start Task Manager." Locate "k9filter" under the process tab. Select it, and click the "End Process" button.

Locate the original installation of the K9 software in "c:\Program Files\Blue Coat K9 Protection" if you accepted the default installation settings. Navigate to the installation folder, and delete all the contents in the folder "Blue Coat K9 Protection."

Launch the K9 installer by double-clicking on the software you downloaded in Step 2. Use the activation code you wrote down in Step 2, and create a new password. Install the K9 software to the now-empty folder "Blue Coat K9 Protection."

Open the Control Panel and select "Add or Remove Programs." Click on "Blue Coat K9 Protection" and then on the "Change/Remove" button. Select "Yes" to verify that you would like to remove the software. Enter the new password you created during installation in Step 5 and click "Uninstall."

Restart the computer.


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