How to Keep Birds Off of a Lawn

Updated April 17, 2017

Birds are often viewed as a lovely part of nature, offering songs and chirping to brighten your day. If you just planted grass seed, however, or your lawn is dotted with trees, these little creatures might be destroying your grass. Birds are naturally attracted to small seeds, so planting new grass is the most likely time to encounter a bird problem. Keep birds off your lawn with a few simple tricks.

Buy long plastic sheets to cover your lawn while the seeds have a chance to take root. This will prevent birds from having access to your grass while it begins to form.

Lay sheets over the entire length of your lawn or just the areas where the new grass was planted, if you didn't sow the whole yard.

Secure sheets with stakes by placing stakes through the sheets and directly into the ground.

Attach long pieces of tape or streamers to the top of stakes so they blow in the wind. Birds are scared of long, blowing, flapping objects, so they'll learn to stay away.

Prop up a scarecrow in your lawn to scare birds away and keep them from landing.


You can keep the streamers and stakes in the ground long after you have taken the sheets off. This will prevent birds from congregating on or eating your lawn seed. If you can't find a scarecrow, you can make your own by stuffing old clothing with rags and attaching the outfit to a tall pole. Stuff a pillowcase for the head and decorate it to look like a face. Add a straw hat for the finishing touch. If you cover your lawn with sheets, remove them temporarily while you water the lawn, approximately once every few days. Make sure they are translucent enough so sunlight can get through.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic sheets
  • Stakes
  • Tape or streamers
  • Scarecrow
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