How to Connect an iPad to an HTC Incredible

Updated February 21, 2017

You can connect your iPad to your HTC Incredible phone's 3G by turning your phone into a wireless hot spot. This will require paying for an additional data plan from your cellular carrier, but you can use it to connect any iPad model because it uses the iPad's Wi-Fi connection rather than the 3G connection, which not all iPads have. Unfortunately, the iPad does not support a direct connection to the Droid Incredible for data transfer purposes, but you can share files between your Droid and your iPad through cloud services such as Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Docs and Box by using the free apps provided by these services for both devices.

Contact your HTC Incredible wireless carrier or log onto your wireless account on the carrier's website.

Sign up for 3G mobile hot spot service. All HTC Droid Incredibles running the current operating system update include this app, but it does not work unless you activate the service.

Tap the up arrow in the lower left corner of your Incredible's screen after signing up for the service. This arrow reveals all of your Droid's apps.

Select the 3G mobile hot spot app, which is usually the first app on your phone's list, as the phone organises them in alphabetical order with numbers first.

Tap "Ok" to the introductory message, and then type in a name for your network in the "Router Name (SSID)" field.

Type a password into the password field.

Tap the check box next to where the phone says "Press to turn on" to activate your hot spot.

Launch your iPad's "Settings" app and select "Wi-Fi."

Select your Incredible's network, which will appear as the name you typed in the "Router Name (SSID)" field.

Type your password when prompted and follow any onscreen instructions to confirm the password. Your iPad will automatically connect to the hot spot on your phone.

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