How to Move People From One Tree to Another in

Written by amanda rumble | 13/05/2017

With, you can locate your long-lost ancestors to build your family tree, learn about where your family originally came from and discover that you may be related to a well-known historic figure in some way, shape or form. You can also organise people you find on the site into different family trees, such as one side for your mother and one for your father. If you put someone in the wrong tree and need to move them, you can do so without losing any information you have on them.

Log into your account.

Click the "My Ancestry" tab, and then select the tree where the person is located.

Click the icon located next to her name labelled "Move to Family Tree." On the next screen choose which tree to move her to.

Click his name to edit information or attach him to another person in the tree.

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