How to Convert True-False to Checkboxes in Excel

Updated March 23, 2017

You can insert a checkbox into the worksheet to simplify the process of adding certain data into an Excel worksheet. You can place a checkbox anywhere on the worksheet and link it to a particular cell in the worksheet. The linked cell will show "TRUE" when the checkbox is checked and "FALSE" when it is unchecked. This can be easier than typing a "true" or "false" value in a cell to input certain information. For example, you can insert a check box for each day of the week and click the check box to show that you met a sales quota on a certain date.

Click the "Developer" tab at the top of an Excel worksheet. Then click the "Insert" drop-down menu in the "Controls" group.

Click the check box image in the "Form Controls" section of the drop-down menu. This changes your mouse pointer to a cross.

Click anywhere in the worksheet to insert the check box with a description next to it.

Right-click the description next to the check box, then left-click the description until you see a blinking text cursor.

Press "Backspace" or "Delete" to erase the description that is automatically shown. Then type your own description. Click outside the description area in a blank cell when you are finished. For example, type "Sales quota met?" as a description.

Right-click the check box, and click "Format Control" on the pop-up menu to bring up a "Format Control" window.

Click the "Control" tab at the top of the window.

Click in the "Cell link" text box and type the cell to which you want to link the check box. For example, click in the cell link text box and type "A1." Cell A1 will now show either "TRUE" or "FALSE" depending on whether the check box is checked or unchecked.

Click "OK" to close the "Format Control" window.


Click in the check box to check and uncheck the check box. You can reference the check box's linked cell within formulas in other cells to incorporate the true or false values into your other data.

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