How to Make Your Face Look Like a Giraffe

Updated February 21, 2017

Face painting is a fun activity for a fair or carnival, as well as for birthday parties, drama productions, Halloween costumes, or even just dress-up. Making your face look like a giraffe is best accomplished with face paints. The giraffe is a tall animal, known for its long neck as well as for a distinctive head which features a long snout and two knobs on the top of its head. Giraffes also have an easy-to-recognise fur pattern which is yellow with big brown spots.

Draw the golden-yellow knobs that sit atop a giraffe's head on your forehead with a sponge, centring the knobs against your eyebrows.

Draw golden-yellow ears on either side of the knobs with sponge, so that the outer edges of the ears align over the outer edge of your eyebrows.

Fill in the basic shape of the head with golden-yellow paint, using arching shapes that include your own features -- eyes, nose, and mouth -- in their proper places. Use the sponge to outline the basic head shape first, then fill it in once you are satisfied.

Dab around your eyes, nose, forehead and mouth of the wearer with brown paint to accentuate these parts of the giraffe's face.

Trace around the shape of the filled-in head, including the knobs and ears, with black paint on a thin paint brush.

Draw bending black arcs up from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the nose. This makes the top of the giraffe's snout.

Draw nostrils with a paint brush dipped in black paint, starting below the nostril and angling out to the side slightly. The nostrils should extend down to the top of the lips.

Trace over the eyebrows of the wearer with black paint, extending the black lines down along the outer edges of the bridge of the nose until they extend just below the eyes. These are the giraffe's eyebrows.

Paint several small brown spots on each of your cheeks.

Outline the spots with black paint using a brush. This will make them stand out.

Paint chin hairs under the bottom lip of the wearer with short, vertical strokes of the brush using the black paint.

Add detail to the face using white paint and a brush, painting just inside the black outlines around the head, ears, knobs and spots. You can also add short vertical white lines to the chin hairs to make them more pronounced.


To complete the giraffe look, pair your giraffe face with a costume or spotted clothes.


Always use care when painting near or around the eyes. Should paint accidentally get in the eyes, flush them with water immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Golden-yellow face paint
  • Face painting sponges
  • Brown face paint
  • Black face paint
  • White face paint
  • Paint brushes
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