How to Get Wi-Fi for an Emulator

Updated April 17, 2017

An emulator allows you to play a variety of different video games on your computer. When you're playing a Nintendo DS, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi feature to link up with other players and trade game items. DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS feature that allows you to use the Wi-Fi feature in the emulator. However, to legally play a game on an emulator, you must also own a physical copy of the game. You must have Internet access on your computer for this to work.

Open your Internet browser, and navigate to the DeSmuME website.

Click "Download" to download the emulator to your computer.

Open the DeSmuME emulator on your computer.

Click the "Config" button, and select "Wi-Fi Settings." Tick the "Infrastructure" box. Select the drop-down menu for "Bridge Network Adapter," and select your network card on your computer that is connected to your network. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Select "Config" and choose "Emulator Settings." Tick the box next to "Use external BIOS images." Select "ARM9 BIOS image," and then choose the "biosnds9.bin" file found in the "Wi-Fi folder with your DeSmuME emulator.

Select the "ARM7 BIOS image." Select "biosnds7.bin" and select "Open." Untick the "Emulate SWIs with BIOS image" and "Patch DelayLoop SWI" boxes.

Click on the "Firmware Image" box, and select the "firmware.bin" file in your Wi-Fi folder. Tick the box "Boot from firmware." Click "OK."

Click the "Open ROM" button, and select a ROM game you would like to play. Click the "Open" button.

Select "Wi-Fi Settings" in the game. You will find this under the main menu when you load the game. Select "Search for Access Point." The game will then find a network to which you can connect the Wi-Fi. Select the network to connect your game to Wi-Fi. If it doesn't connect the first time, open and close the game. Repeat this process until it connects. You must do this every time you start the game in the emulator.

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