How to Tie a Ribbon Bow for Picture Hanging

Updated April 17, 2017

Framed artwork, photos, mirrors and even empty colourful, ornate frames add character to the rooms in your home and remove the institutional feel that large blank walls can create. You have many options when it comes time to hang these pieces, but hanging them by ribbon with darling little bows at the top adds to their charm, and therefore the character of your home.

Screw an eye screw into each of the upper corners of the frame.

Cut two 36-inch-long pieces of ribbon. Use any width of ribbon you like, so long as you can compress it enough to thread it through the eye screws. Heat-seal one end of each ribbon by bringing it close to the flame of a lighter for a few seconds; this prevents fraying. Tie that end of each ribbon to one of the eye screws.

Create loops on the other end of each ribbon by folding the ends back. Tie the loops together in a knot. Adjust the loops of the resulting bow until you like the way the bow looks. Tie the loops in a second knot to make them permanent.

Trim the tails of the bow, if necessary, and heat-seal them. Squeeze a dot of fabric glue into the knot of the bow, and let it dry overnight to give the bow more durability.


You may need more or less ribbon to hang your frame, depending on the size of the frame and how far under the bow you want the frame to hang.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 eye screws
  • 2 yards ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Fabric glue
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