Instructions on How to Make Your Own Kimonos

Updated April 17, 2017

Worn as a traditional Japanese garment, the kimono is a full-length robe worn by all genders. Noted for their long sleeves and boxy design, kimonos are rarely worn on a daily basis but rather selected for special occasions. Traditionally made from silk, kimonos have taken on a modern approach being made with less expensive fabric such as cotton, sateen, or other fibres. Recreate a kimono with this simplistic sewing project.

Choose an appropriate fabric to make the kimono. Create either a simple kimono with plain fabric or one that is made from patterned fabric.

Create the rectangular pattern for the kimono. Measure the individual from neck to floor, across the bust, waist, and hips. Lay the fabric flat. Take each measurement and multiply it by 1.5. Once multiplied, divide the answer by 4. Add 1 inch to the equation's result for a seam allowance in the pattern. The measurements will be the width of each panel, as well as, the measurement from the neck to the floor.

Cut the different panels of fabric. Place two panels together lengthwise, creating the back of the kimono. Sew the other two panels to the back of the shoulders of the first panel set.

Measure the distance between the shoulder and the palm of the hand. Use this number as the length measurement, along with a width of 20-22 inches for the kimono sleeves. Cut panels to comply with the measurements. Pin the middle of the panel to the shoulder seam and pin the remaining part of the sleeve along the torso. Sew up all seems to create the kimono sleeves.

Use any remaining fabric to make a belt for the kimono. Tie the belt at the waist of the rectangular sewn kimono. Adding the belt will complete the kimono look.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric panels (Use your size to gauge how much should be purchased)
  • Sewing machine
  • needle & thread
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