How to Stop Eye Twitching Naturally

Updated February 21, 2017

It's hard to not notice when you have an eye twitch, and chances are others can notice it, too. Not only does this eyelid muscle spasm look and feel strange, it also becomes distracting as it interrupts your vision. Understanding the causes of an eyelid twitch can help you identify natural ways of remedying it. According to MedLine Plus, the most common causes for eye twitching are due to caffeine, fatigue and stress.

Decrease your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine is an identified cause of eyelid twitches, and by eliminating or minimising caffeine from your diet, you can naturally stop the muscular spasms.

Get more sleep. If you are overly tired, your eyelid can develop a twitch, which may be remedied with more sleep and rest. Go to bed earlier, sleep longer or wake up later. Take naps during the day if you can. While this may impact your schedule a bit, it will make the eye twitching stop faster.

Take hyoscyamus herbs. Hyoscyamus is a natural remedy known for helping muscular spasms and can soothe nerve-related irritations. Take an over-the-counter supplement of this natural herb to decrease the eye twitch.

Replenish your body with zinc supplements. Zinc naturally helps with relieving muscular spasms, which can speed your eye twitch recovery time.

Meditate, exercise or do Yoga to relieve stress. If you have reason to suspect that your eye twitch is stress-induced, perform calming activities that take your mind off of the daily stressors to give your nerves a break.


Always ask your physician or a homeopathic professional about the quantity of herbal supplements that you should take. Be sure that you do not overdose on the herbs, even though they are natural.

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