How to Solve Hard & Long Anagrams

Updated February 21, 2017

Anagrams are word puzzles in which the letters are mixed up and must be unscrambled to find the solution. Solving long and difficult anagrams takes a careful method that analyses the anagram to find specific patterns. These patterns can then be used to break the word up into likely letter combinations, which can help direct you toward the solution. There is no sure-fire way to solve every anagram, but following a few basic techniques can help make it much easier.

Write down the anagram letters in the order given and begin placing consonants and vowels next to each other. Scramble them around randomly to try to find letter combinations that make sense.

Examine the letters for common or simple word combinations that can help break it down into potential words. Focus on common prefixes or suffixes and examine the rest of the letters.

Write your left over letters to the side and try to find letter combinations that work with them. For example, if your letters are "eabhtdde" and you have found "bed" begin moving the rest of the letters around. Combine them in different ways until you find the right combination, which here is "deathbed."

Work on one section of the anagram at a time using this method. Divide the sections up in any way you see fit. Start sections over if you get stuck, discarding the letter combinations you thought you had found.

Repeat the process until you have found all the words in the anagram.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
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