How to replace white with transparent in fireworks

Updated March 23, 2017

Transparency on images allows you to layer parts of the image without having coloured picture borders getting in the way. It is possible to replace white in an Adobe Fireworks document with transparent by adjusting the settings in the layer properties, and starting with a transparent canvas. You should save the file in the correct format to avoid having the white return in place of the transparent effect.

Open the Fireworks image to which you want to add transparency. Click on "Modify" and then "Canvas Color."

Click on "Transparent" in the "Canvas Color" window. All parts of your images that are not covered by objects will now appear as a grey and white checkerboard pattern which is the Fireworks designation for transparent.

Click on the "File" menu. Click on "Save As." Select ".gif" as the file type in the "Save As" window. Save the file.

Select "Alpha transparency" in the Transparency window beneath the colour palette on the control side of the Properties window. Click on the eyedropper with the - sign next to the transparency type. In the Image preview window click in the space that you want to remain white not transparent.

Click on the "Magic wand" tool in the tool bar. Click on the layer containing the white. Select the white area with the magic wand tool. Press "Delete" to clear the area and make it transparent.

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