How to Use an Embellisher Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Hobbyists use embellisher machines to attach faux gems and other decorations to fabric items like blankets and clothing. At one time, this style was not in fashion and embellishers were the subject of ridicule, especially as they were featured in many late-night infomercials starring not-so-great actors. As many people developed an increasing love of all things "bling," shiny and attention-grabbing, hobbyists began to seek out and appreciate these embellisher machines. Now you can purchase embellishing machines in many craft and sewing stores, and their operation is simple and straight forward. Embellishing a garment takes just seconds.

Lift the arm of the embellisher machine so that the gem holder is accessible. Lay a gem into the holder with the sharp edges pointing down.

Lay the textile you want to decorate onto the platform of the embellisher. Arrange the fabric so that the area where you wish to attach the gem is directly below the opening of the embellisher arm.

Slowly bring down the arm of the embellisher to check that the gem will land where you wish. Raise the arm again and make any necessary adjustments before permanently attaching the gem.

Press down on the arm firmly to attach the gem to the fabric. Lift the arm and check that the gem is firmly attached. If the metal tabs are not fully flattened, turn the fabric over and tap down the tabs gently using a small rubber mallet.


You should use only the special embellishments created for the machine; the embellishments, like the machines, are widely available.

Things You'll Need

  • Embellisher gems
  • Fabric
  • Small rubber mallet
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