How to Get Poop off of Chicken Feet

Updated July 20, 2017

Chickens typically live in a small area, and even the best kept chickens can't help from getting their feet dirty from time to time. Your chickens will have less health issues if you keep their feet clean and cared for. People who care for chickens should trim a chicken's nails, look for swelling and sores and clean any poop that may have accumulated on a regular basis.

Fill a small wash basin with warm water and children's bubble bath. Warm water will soften the poop and other sediment that has collected on the chicken's feet. Wear gloves so that you do not have to handle the poop directly.

Back the chicken up to the wash basin, and dip one foot at a time into the water. Handle your chicken securely by placing the hand you write with on the chicken's back to steady it, then use your other hand to grip one leg between your thumb and forefinger and grip the other leg between your forefinger and middle finger. Now lift the chicken under your arm, holding it close to your body. This should keep it from struggling while you dip its foot into the water.

Soak the chicken's foot for a minute. This will soften the hardened poop and make it easier to remove it. Work the poop loose with your fingers. The nice part about using children's bubble bath is that you will not need to rinse the chicken's feet.

Repeat steps 3 to 4 with the other foot. Allow the chicken's feet to completely dry before you let it outside again. A wet chicken could catch a chill, and its wet feet will pick up mud and debris more easily than dry feet will.


Wear gloves when working with chicken poop because the germs contained in it can be extremely harmful to humans.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Wash basin
  • Children's bubble bath
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