How to Recover Deleted Dialed Numbers on a Telephone

Updated April 09, 2017

Mistakes happen and people often delete phone numbers from their telephone by accident. Other times, cell phones become corrupted and users are forced to do a hard reset, which swipes all data including important contacts and previously-dialled numbers. However, it is possible to retrieve telephone calls deleted by accident with the help of sophisticated Internet tools, software or just knowing who to call.

Download a tool such as File Guru, which enables you to recover deleted messages, phone numbers and phone book directories from the SIM card chip in your phone.

Note the day, time(s) and length of the calls in which you deleted in error. Go to your online telephone account. And view the call detail for the day and time(s) which you've noted. In some cases, you may have to wait until your next billing cycle. In other cases, call detail records are available sooner. This all depends on your provider.

Call your telephone provider's customer care number. In many cases, customer care representatives are able to see a call immediately in a detailed log. Explain to the customer care rep what has happened regarding your phone and request to be provided with the numbers which you've deleted by accident.

Check other telephones, especially if you have a call forwarding service activated which will ring one phone first and then route to others.

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