How to Make an Alinco DR-135 Into a Repeater

Updated February 21, 2017

The Alinco DR-135 T, Alinco DR-135 E and their successors the DR-135 T/E MkIII and DR-135 FXE are digital very-high-frequency (VHF) mobile amateur (ham) radio transceivers that can also serve as base stations. The DR-135 models include the ability to easily be switched to repeater, or duplex, mode among their full complement of features. Repeater mode allows you to receive signals on one frequency and transmit them on another for better transmission and reception. You just use the control panel buttons to change the transceiver mode from simplex to repeater, and you can change modes back and forth very easily.

Turn your DR-135 transceiver on if necessary by pressing the "Power" key at the right hand corner of your unit.

Press the "Func" key at the lower left hand side of your transceiver, next to the microphone jack. Wait for the letter "F" to appear.

Press the "MHz" button that is located in the centre of the lower panel of buttons, two buttons to the right of the "Func" key. You will see "0.600" appear in the display, with a minus sign (-) above the 0. This signifies the default negative frequency of 0.60MHz, or 600 kHz.

Rotate the dial or use the "Up" and "Down" keys on your microphone to change the negative frequency.

Press the MHz key again so that a plus sign (+) appears in the display. This indicates the set mode for positive frequency. Rotate the dial or use the "Up" and "Down" keys to select the positive frequency of your choice.

Press any key except "Func" or "MHz" to save your settings and return the panel to its normal display mode.

Use the transceiver as you normally would. If you want to switch to simplex mode, where the unit transmits and receives on the same frequency, press the "FUNC" key followed by the "MHz" key and keep pressing the MHz key until you see neither a plus (+) nor a minus (-) sign in the display.

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