How to do perpendicular parking

Updated February 21, 2017

Perpendicular parking is the type of parking that is done with a motor vehicle when a parking space requires that you pull straight into it. It's also called 90-degree parking. While this type of parking is not as simple as if the parking space had a slight tilt to it, it is still usually much easier than learning how to parallel park. If you practice your skills and get used to the feel of the vehicle you're using, you should be able to perpendicular park like a pro in no time.

Slow your vehicle to a creep as you approach the perpendicular parking space.

Continue creeping until the front bumper of your vehicle is just past the painted line of the space in front of the one in which you're parking. This will be about when your shoulder is at the same point as the painted line of the previous space.

Turn the wheel to start moving into the space. Use your judgment to determine how sharply to turn the wheel.

Step on the gas slightly to move your vehicle into the space, straightening the wheel. Continue inching forward until you're all the way into the space.


Practice perpendicular parking using cones or in an empty car park to minimise the chances of damaging your vehicle or one belonging to someone else.

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