How to Decorate Your Classroom With a Fairy Tale Theme

Updated February 21, 2017

Knights, princesses, castles and whimsical creatures are all elements found in certain fairy tales. These elements and characters are naturally intriguing to children. Fairy tales can also present life lessons in an engaging format. If your class will be completing a fairy tale unit, decorating the classroom in a related theme adds an eye-catching component. Use every corner and wall to transform the classroom into a fairy tale wonderland.

Devote one corner of the room or play area to dress-up costumes. Include princess hats, stick horses, crowns, capes and anything related to fairy tales. Arrange the costumes neatly at the end of the day so they are on display.

Hang fairy tale-themed cardboard cutouts from the ceiling with wire or fishing line. Draw colourful depictions of different fairy tale characters, creatures like dwarfs and dragons, and whimsical depictions of fairy tale settings.

Turn your desk chair into a throne. Place two matching curtain rod finials (end pieces) on individual wood dowels. Tape the dowels to your chair so the finials stick up on either side. Drape a piece of velvet fabric over the chair and cut holes for the finials to stick through.

Attach posters, pictures and two-dimensional objects related to a fairy tale to the walls.

Turn the classroom door into a cave entrance, castle door or other whimsical entryway. Cover the door with appropriately coloured paper and paint on any details.

Tape a blue border of paper on the wall at the point it meets the floor to represent a castle moat. Draw pictures of fish swimming in the moat for embellishment.

Turn one wall into a fairy tale-themed space for children to display artwork related to the lesson plans. The area could be a notice board or entire wall space if you have room. Create a border around a blank area depicting something such as castle walls and turrets, winding pathways that represent adventure, knights' swords or anything fairy tale related.


Stick to a generic fairy tale theme if you're studying a number of different stories, or pick classroom decorations related to a specific one.

Things You'll Need

  • Dress-up costumes
  • Cardboard cutouts
  • Fishing line or wire
  • Curtain rod finials
  • Wood dowel
  • Velvet
  • Posters and pictures
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Paint
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