How to Raise Red Foxes As Pets

Updated November 21, 2016

A red fox can be an enjoyable and exciting pet. Similar to a dog or cat, a pet fox requires feeding, walking and constant nourishment. However, because a red fox is a wild animal, it is raised differently than domestic cats, dogs, birds and guinea pigs. Knowing how to raise a red fox as a pet is important in encouraging their natural instincts and establishing a strong bond with the animal.

Search online for a reputable dealer. A dealer in your area will allow you to assess the potential pet and local pickup is safer for your red fox than shipping. The Exotic Pet Classifieds website contains links to a listing of red fox breeders throughout the United States.

Spay the female or neuter the male. You should do this even if you don't plan to breed your red fox and want to eliminate aggressive behaviour or some of the fox's odour. Spay or neuter your fox before he or she reaches maturity at 1 year.

Construct an outside pen made of chain-link fence for durability. Because your red fox is an active animal, the size of the pen should measure at least 200 square feet to prevent the fox from being bored or becoming destructive. Add straw, dirt and hiding places to keep the fox amused, as red foxes love to dig and hide.

Build a roof over the outside pen to keep your red fox and its litter pan safe from rain and snow. A litter pan that gets wet when it rains or snows will discourage the fox from using it.

Interact with your red fox to bond with it. The more you interact with your fox, the friendlier he will be. Red foxes require lots of attention or they will get into mischief since they are wild animals.

Walk your red fox using a harness. A fox cooped up in a small pen is full of energy and thus more capable of being destructive. Avoid taking your red fox where there are lots of people who might be scared of it.

Feed your red fox. Feeding a red fox can be easy -- they aren't picky eaters. You could offer dry dog food, dried or canned cat food, eggs, cooked chicken or turkey, deer meat, kittens, rats and mice.

Train your red fox like you would a dog. Even though red foxes aren't fully domesticated, they can be leashed and trained to an extent. Call a local trainer for help, and let them know you have a fox instead of a dog.


Do not obtain your red fox from the wild. This is dangerous and may be illegal in your area. Do not let your pet wander outside of its pen without a leash. Your red fox could run away for good.

Things You'll Need

  • Chain link fence
  • Sand
  • Dirt straw
  • Fine Mesh
  • Pet Bed
  • Harness
  • Food for fox
  • Water bowl
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