How to Speed up Animated GIFs

Written by cameron easey | 13/05/2017

Many types of animated GIF images are created using graphic design software. However, there are free Web tools that allow you to create simple animated GIF images. When an animated GIF is running too slow, the speed needs to be increased. You can do this by creating a new GIF image or by changing settings used for the image. To do this you need to change the speed or delay for the individual image frames.

Go to the Picasion website. Click the "Browse" button to locate a GIF image on your system. Click the "Open" button to load the GIF file. You can upload up to four images.

Select the size of the animated GIF from the "Size" drop down menu. Select the speed of the animation from the "Speed" drop down menu.

Click the "Create Animation" button to create an animated GIF.

Double-click the icon for "ImageReady" to open the program. Click the "File" drop down menu and select the option for "Open". Open an animated GIF that is on your system.

Select a frame on the image to display the animation palette. You can also select multiple frames.

Click on the value for "Delay" that is below the frame you selected in step 2. The "Delay" menu is now displayed on the screen.

Select a value to use for the delay. A lower value will result in a faster speed for the animation.

Click the "File" drop down and select "Save" to save the file.

Double-click the icon for "Animation Shop" to open the program. Go to the "File" drop down menu to open a GIF file that is on your system.

Click on the first frame for the image. Go to the "Edit" drop down menu and click on "Select All". All of the frames will now be highlighted.

Right-click on a frame and select the option for "Frame Properties". Select a new frame speed to use and then save the image.

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