How to Make a Grid Map With Excel 2007

Updated April 17, 2017

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that can be used to create graphs and charts as well as grid maps. Before 2007, Microsoft Excel came with map-making software installed. With the release of Microsoft Excel 2007, map-making software no longer comes with the Excel package, so you need additional software to do the job. Microsoft MapPoint works with Excel 2007 to integrate maps into Excel data.

Enter the data you want to map into an Excel spreadsheet. For example, to make a map of crime rates by city, you could enter the cities in the first column, states in the second column and the number of crimes committed in each city in the third. Enter all data that will be represented on the grid map.

Open MapPoint and create a blank map. Copy your Excel data and post it into MapPoint. Pressing CTRL+V will open the Data Import Wizard. The Data Import Wizard allows you to customise your map and then creates a map according to your specifications.

Choose "Grid Map" under "Map Type" in the Wizard. You also can select the columns of data you want to show on the map. Click "Finish."

Go to the "MapPoint Edit" menu and click "Copy Map." Go back to your Excel spreadsheet and press CTRL+V. This will paste the map into your Excel spreadsheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Map Point
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