How to Make a 12V Blinking Light Circuit

Updated March 23, 2017

Blinking or flashing lights can provide a decorative effect. They're great at parties or outdoor functions. A blinking light circuit operates by repeatedly stopping and then starting the flow of electricity though the circuit. The easiest way to make a 12 volt blinking light circuit is to use existing 12 volt static strings lights and convert them so they blink.

Put the static string light circuit that you want to make blink onto a table. Find the first light bulb that's nearest to the 12 volt power source.

Remove the light bulb nearest the power source. Either pull it out using your fingers, or, if the bulb screws into the light bulb holder, unscrew and remove it.

Take along the bulb you removed to an electrical store so you can get one the same size and type, but ensure it blinks.

Put a blinking light bulb into the light bulb holder. Either push it in place or screw it in.

Turn on your light circuit. The blinking light turns the flow of electricity on and off in the circuit, so all the lights blink.

Things You'll Need

  • Flashing light bulb
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