Directions for "'The Claw' Electronic Candy Grabber Machine Arcade Game"

Written by alfie noakes | 13/05/2017

"'The Claw' Electronic Candy Grabber Machine Arcade Game" is a miniature recreation of the popular claw-grab machines found in arcades and fun parks. Aimed at children for use at home, parents can fill the machine with candies for their kids to try and pick up using the mechanical claw. The machine can help improve your child's hand-eye coordination in a fun and safe environment.

Insert three "D" batteries into the battery compartment on the underside of the machine.

Remove the top lid of the machine and place candy and other lightweight items into the machine.

Insert an "Arcade Token" into the slot and the game's music will begin.

Use the two joysticks on the left to move the claw left, right, towards and away from you until you have lined the claw up over the candy you wish to grab.

Lower the claw using the "down" direction on the joystick located on the far right and grab the candy.

Move the candy over to the chute located towards the front left of the machine. Release the candy and you will be able to pick it up from the tray.

Grab as much candy as you can before the music stops playing.

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