How to Make a Shirt on Roblox Not a T-Shirt

Updated April 17, 2017

Roblox allows you to make your own online video games and play games created by other Roblox users. While playing games, Roblox members appear as personal characters that can be customised by changing clothes, hair and other appearance styles. Players purchase clothing for characters from the Roblox catalogue or design personalised T-shirts by uploading a picture to Roblox. The clothing template from Roblox helps players create their own style.

Enter your username and password under "Member Login" on the Roblox home page. Pull up your account by clicking on "Login" beneath the password box.

Choose "Character" from the top of the Roblox page to view the screen where you can customise your character's appearance. Select "Shirts" under "My Wardrobe" on the right side of the screen to view your existing shirts. Click on "Create" to view the instructions for creating a shirt.

Pull up the shirt template by clicking on "shirt template" in step one of the instructions. Right click on the template and choose "Save Picture As..." to open the "Save Picture" window. Choose a location and file name; click "save" to save the template.

Open the template in Microsoft Paint or other image editing software on your computer. Colour the shirt template with the software. Save the customised template to your computer.

Click "Browse" on the Roblox Shirt Builder page. Locate the saved file on your computer. Click "Create Shirt" to upload your template to Roblox.

Click on "My Roblox" at the top of the page. Choose "Character" to return to the character customisation screen. Locate your new shirt under "Shirts" in "My Wardrobe." Click "Wear" to put the shirt onto your character.


You must belong to Builders Club to create shirts and trousers on Roblox. Members that don't belong to Builders Club can only create T-shirts.

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