How to Make a Ballerina-Theme Room

The little girl dreaming of becoming a prima ballerina one day will love a room where she can indulge her thoughts. When decorating a child's room in a theme, let her participate as best as she can; it is her room, after all. Part of the joy of a themed bedroom is that the room itself may never be complete. You and your ballerina can enjoy collecting ballet decor and figurines for the bedroom for a long time.

Paint the walls of the bedroom pink; stencil or free-paint ballet shoes, tutus, or favourite characters doing ballet.

Pick out ballerina-themed bedding to go on the child's bed. Comforters, pillowcases, sheets and dust ruffles are all available with ballet dancers or shoes and tutus.

Use a tutu cut through the middle to make it longer as a window valance. Wrap it around the curtain rod or tack it above the window so it drapes over the top.

Make curtains out of tuile (tutu material), or purchase curtains that have ballerinas on them. Plain sheer panels in pastel colours also complement the theme.

Apply adhesive wall decorations to the walls. Ballerinas in different poses or just silhouettes of shoes and ballet accessories are readily available. These decorations usually stick on either with their own removable glue or like wallpaper.

Hang a ballet barre from one of the walls so the ballerina using the room can practice her skills. Hang a mirror on the wall next to the barre. Mirror tiles are available that allow you to make a large mirror without the expense of purchasing a studio-sized one.

Add ballerina figurines and dolls on shelves and on the dresser; hang small, ballet-themed items from the walls, such as a poster or a pair of toe shoes. Hang pictures of your child's favourite ballet dancers.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Paintbrush or roller
  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Wall appliques
  • Tutus
  • Ballet shoes
  • Ballet barre
  • Mirror tiles
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