How to Report a Victim of Hidden Camera Sex

Hidden camera sex is a genre of pornography that involves using amateur-looking recording equipment to create the look of "unknown" recorded encounters. People become victims when they are unaware that they are being recorded and when, in some cases, the video is somehow made public. This is not only an invasion of privacy, but it's a federal crime that can be punishable in court. If you've discovered that you or someone you know has been a victim of hidden camera sex, knowing how to report the crime is necessary to help prevent further victims from going through this invasion of privacy.

Notify the victim if known to you personally, unless you are the victim. This is a delicate situation and the victim needs to be made aware of the offence against him or her.

Go to your local police department. If you are aware of the state in which the hidden camera sex occurred, contact police in that area as well.

Report the names of the victims involved, including yourself and anyone else who may not have been aware of being videotaped. You may be required to file paperwork or just orally report it to the authorities.

File an injunction against the party responsible for filming the sexual encounter. If knowing parties distributed the video and you are aware of their names, file injunctions against them. This is only necessary if you're the victim in question and it serves to obtain a restraining order against the offenders to halt distribution of the video.


If you know the name of the person responsible for committing this criminal act, find out if they are a registered sex offender via the FBI website. If he or she is a registered sex offender, you can contact the person's parole officer through the registry and report the crime to the specified department.

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