How to Hook Up an Astro A40 to a PC

Updated April 17, 2017

The popularity of online gaming has grown steadily since the early days of online gaming. MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) and multi-person FPS (First Person Shooters) have sold millions of copies and the subscribership of some MMORPGs numbers in the millions. Many electronics companies have developed products that cater to the online gaming experience, including headphones with built-in microphones like the Astro A40 headphone system. Set up your A40 for high-quality audio with your PC in a few steps.

Plug the microphone attachment of an Astro A40 headphone system into either the left or right ear input on the headset.

Connect the 1/8-inch output cable from the headset into the 1/8-inch jack labelled "headset" on the MixAmp amplifier.

Connect a the mini-B end of an A-to-mini-B USB cable to the output on the MixAmp marked "USB."

Connect the opposite end of the A-to-mini-B USB cable to a free USB port on your computer.

Turn the large master volume knob all the way counter-clockwise and press the power button marked by a circle with a vertical line.

Put on the headset and slowly turn the knob clockwise to raise the volume to safe hearing levels.

Turn the smaller knob counter-clockwise to increase the game volume, or turn it clockwise to increase the volume of your voice in the headset mix.

Press the button to the right of the volume mix knob to toggle the Dolby surround effect on or off.

Things You'll Need

  • Astro A40 headphone system
  • A-to-mini-B USB cable
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