How to Zoom in on Pencil v0.4.4b

Updated February 21, 2017

Pencil is an open-source, cross-platform drawing and animation program that allows users to easily create traditional animated cartoons using simple tools. When drawing a complex frame with a lot of detail, you may find it necessary to zoom in on your canvas to see a specific area in greater detail. Fortunately Pencil's hand tool doubles as a zoom tool, allowing you to view your artwork close-up with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Click on the hand icon in the lower left corner of the Tools pane. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts to on-screen icons, press the H key to switch to the hand tool.

Hold down the command key while dragging with the left mouse button over your canvas to alter the zoom, or simply drag with the right mouse button without touching the keyboard. Upward movement zooms in, while downward zooms out.

Double-click on either the canvas or the hand icon in the toolbar to reset the zoom to default.

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