How to Align Two Vertical Columns in Word

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft Word is the de facto standard for preparing business documents on a computer. Word can set type using many traditional printing layouts. For example, you can divide the page into two or more columns, and the text will automatically flow from one into the next as you type, just like newspaper columns. If, however, you want to organise information in two columns vertically aligned with each other, so that items in the left column are matched with items on the right. Use a two-column table to keep paired lines of text aligned in two adjacent columns.

Create a new Word document or press "Enter" to insert a line break in an existing document.

Click the "Insert" tab near the top left corner of the window.

Click the "Table" button. A grid of white squares appears. Click the second from the left on the top row. A two-column table is created in the document. Right-click the table, click the "Autofit" submenu, and choose "Fixed Column Width." If you don't choose this option, Word will resize the columns as it sees fit if one contains far more type than the other.

Type some text into the first cell of the table, press Tab, and type corresponding text in the second column. Press Tab again to start a new row, and continue to fill the document this way. Each row of the table is kept aligned, even if one side has text that wraps to subsequent lines and the other does not.

Right-click the table and choose "Borders and Shading." Click "None" in the left column of the dialogue that appears, and click "OK." The table lines disappear, leaving just the text.

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