How to Convert Joules to FPS

Updated April 17, 2017

A joule is a unit of measurement used for evaluating energy. One joule is equal to the energy used when one newton of force is applied through a distance of one meter. Foot-pounds per second (FPS) is another unit of energy that is equal to applying one pound of energy through a distance of one foot. Joules per second can be converted to foot-pounds per second by using a simple conversion equation.

Write down your joules per second number. If you have only the amount of joules per another measurement of time, convert by dividing your joules by the number of seconds in that measurement of time. For instance, divide joules per minute by 60.

Multiply your joules per second number by 0.737 562 149 277. This is how many foot-pounds per second are in one joule per second.

Enter your number in an online conversion calculator for quick results (see Resources).


Make sure to change the unit of your measurement when you are finished converting.

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