How to hide kitchen wall tiles

Updated February 21, 2017

In some circumstances wall tiles greatly enhance the appearance of a kitchen. However, if you're renting a home that has kitchen wall tiles that are crumbling or don't match your tastes, hiding them may provide a decorating solution. Several methods can be used to hide the tiles. Base your chosen method on the size of the area covered by the wall tiles.

Cover the area with floor-to-ceiling curtains or fabric on a kitchen wall that's completely covered with tile. Measure the area of the wall and purchase appropriately sized material. Use a curtain wire to run the fabric along the length of the wall, hiding the tiles beneath.

Cover the tiles with contact paper, a plastic material that comes on a roll in a range of colours and styles. Unroll a piece of the contact paper in an appropriate size to cover your kitchen wall tiles. Cut the paper from the roll, remove the backing and press into place over the tiles.

Place a folding screen or room divider like a Japanese shoji screen in front of the kitchen wall that contains the tile. Put a breakfast table or microwave cart in front of the screen to utilise the wall space and hold it flat in place.

Hang framed pictures over the kitchen tile to hide them from view. Use large posters for big areas of wall tile or a series of smaller pictures to cover wall backsplashes or other small areas.


Install fabric or curtains to cover the tile only in an area of the kitchen that's away from the oven and range to avoid a fire hazard.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtains
  • Fabric
  • Curtain wire
  • Contact paper
  • Folding screen
  • Framed pictures
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