How to have curvy and round hips

Updated April 17, 2017

From tall and slender to short and round, people come in all shapes and sizes. While we cannot grow taller or get shorter as adults, it is possible to develop our strength and muscle tone, creating a difference in our body shape. For those with angular or slender frames, in particular, it is possible to obtain curvy and round hips with exercises that focus on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Exercises that add toned bulk can help to create a curvier you.

Practice Pilates for movements that target the hips, buttocks and thighs by doing standing leg lifts, standing next to a chair for support, if needed. Place your feet hip-width apart and stand up straight, hips tucked in. Lift your leg slowly to the side until it is almost horizontal without moving your hips. Lower the leg and repeat, completing 15 repetitions on each leg. Try leg lifts lying on the floor as well. Lie on your side, head resting on a bent elbow against the floor. Balance evenly as you stretch out on the floor and make the same leg-lifting motion used for standing leg lifts. Give both legs an equal workout of 15 repetitions daily for best results.

Many ballet movements focus on the hip area and can be done at home. Stand next to a wall for support and keep your head up and back straight. Place one hand on the wall for balance and put the other hand on your hip. Touch heels together, toes facing outward, similar to a duck's stance. Bend your knees slowly into a mid-range squat, with heels remaining pressed together. Avoid sticking your rear end out, keeping hips forward. Execute two or three sets of 15 plies each day and watch for results.

Add muscle to round out your buttocks by doing step lunges. Stand up straight, head up, shoulders back. Take a deep step forward and bend the front knee at a 90-degree angle. Avoid knee injury by preventing your knee from extending over your toes. Do 10 lunges per leg. Consider doing walking lunges as an alternative, using the same deep step as you walk 10 steps forward, alternating your lunges on each side.

Tone and add curves to the hip area by using an exercise ball, also called a stability ball. For example, lie across the ball face down, with your torso balanced on the centre of the ball. Rest hands lightly on the ground for balance, keeping your head level, not straining the neck. Raise both legs upward simultaneously and feel the buttock area tighten -- and getting curvier. Repeat this move 15 times and move on to another hip exercise with the ball called hip abduction. Kneel next to the ball and drape your side, between the chest and hips, across the ball, leaning into the ball until your top leg is straight. Prop your arm on the ball and hold your head in a stable position. Lift the top leg slowly until it is at an angle no higher than your hip, then return the leg to a point where the foot just touches the ground. Perform 15 repetitions then repeat on the other side.


Do not forget to breathe when doing exercises, and drink plenty of water during and after working out.

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