How Do I Get My Home's Building Plans?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you ever plan to complete renovations, adding on to your existing home or completing repairs, you will likely need the building plans or blueprints for the home. This is especially true if you employ an architect or structural engineer during the process. Although this information is housed in different locations depending on where you live, there are several places you can look to obtain this vital information.

Consult your realtor. Often, she has a copy of the original building plans on file due to the previous sale. In addition, in many states, she might have access to the state database where she can simply access your records and print off a copy for you.

Go to your local building permit office. In most areas, before you can complete any extensive work, including the process of building a home, you must have permits. Usually, when building a home, you must accompany the permit with the building plans and permits. For a nominal fee, you can obtain copies of these.

Contact the company or person that built the home. You can obtain this information from the original building permits. If the builder no longer has a copy of the needed information, he can usually direct you to the design firm that drafted the home design. The design company will usually have a copy of the blueprints.

Contact the company or person who completed your home inspection when you purchased the home. In most cases, she will keep copies of the inspection, which often include the original building plans and blueprints.

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