How to check someone's profile on Facebook without an account

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether or not you can view a Facebook user's profile and what parts of her profile you can see depend on her particular privacy settings. You often need to be friends, or at least friends of a friend, on Facebook in order to see a person's full profile, which requires you to have an account. Some people hide their profiles entirely from people who are not their Facebook friends, which also hides their profiles from people without accounts. You can attempt to view someone's Facebook profile without having a Facebook account by performing a Web search.

Visit, or in your Web browser.

Type the following search query: "Friend's Name"

Replace "Friend's Name" with the name of your friend.

Click "Search." If the person's Facebook profile is publicly visible, you can click on it in search results and view it without needing your own Facebook account.


Using quotes finds an exact match; leave off the quotes around your friend's name for an approximate match, such as finding "Jon Smith" instead of "Jonathan Smith."

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