How to Block a Phone Number on a Samsung Intensity

Updated February 21, 2017

You can block numbers from calling your Samsung Intensity using Verizon Wireless's Call & Message Blocking. Everyone can block receiving calls from up to five numbers for 90 days. If you subscribe to the Usage Controls feature, you get the ability to block up to 20 numbers permanently. Usage Controls can also block the Intensity from making calls to blocked numbers.

Log into your My Verizon account on the Verizon Wireless web site.

Click "My Services" and open "Verizon Safeguards."

Click "Spam Controls" and type the number you want to block in the "Call & Message Blocking" section.


Block the caller ID on your outgoing calls on the Samsung Intensity by dialling *67 before dialling the number.


If you don't have the Usage Controls feature, the blocks expire automatically after 90 days. However, you can go back into the account and add them back on.

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