How to get a Monster Energy sponsorship

Monster Energy, a line of caffeinated drinks, helps action sports athletes take their competition to the next level by providing sponsorship opportunities across a variety of disciplines. Surfing, skating, snowboarding, BMX, motocross, supercross, wakeboarding, rally and drifting are all sports in which the company is involved. Getting a sponsorship depends on your location, experience, marketing value, skills and other factors each company considers when choosing their next athlete or team. Companies like Monster Energy look at various aspects of their sponsorship candidates, including what competitions they've entered, what awards they have earned, other personal achievements and even video self-profiles and pitches. Monster Energy sponsorship is open to individuals in Europe, United States and Canada, and starting the process of applying for sponsorship is relatively simple.

Navigate to the Monster Army sponsorship Web page ( Log in to your account, or click the red "Sign Up" button if you need to register. Proceed to the next page once you have successfully registered and signed into your account. Create your user profile by adding your location, age, address, experiences, photos, sports and events you have competed in. Be detailed so you can stand out from other applicants, and highlight achievements that fit with Monster Energy's edgy, aggressive style.

Select the "Sponsorships" tab in the top-left corner, then choose "Opportunites" from the drop-down menu. Browse through the sponsorships on the proceeding page and click on each sponsorship in which you are interested in to gather additional information.

Click on "Apply Now" for each sponsorship you are interested in. You may apply to as many sponsorships as you wish. Fill out each application in its entirety. Submit your application, which will be stored in the "Applications" menu on your personal profile. There is no set response time to your applications. Check back by clicking on "Applications" in your profile.

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