How to Get Rid of Adblock Plus

Updated April 17, 2017

Adblock Plus is a free downloadable add-on for Internet browsers that helps stop pop-up advertisements as well as other interruptions. Adblock is available for a variety of browsers, but it is not extremely difficult to install or remove from your browser and computer's hard drive. Getting rid of Adblock plus only requires a few minutes and does not require computer programming or coding skills.

Open your Firefox browser, and allow it to load.

Click "Tools," and then click "Add-Ons" from the top toolbar of the browser.

Choose "Extensions" to view your current installed Firefox add-ons.

Scroll and select "Adblock Plus" from the list of Extensions.

Press "Uninstall" and restart your Firefox browser once the uninstall process is complete.

Launch the Google Chrome browser, and locate and select the wrench icon, to the right of the URL address bar.

Hover over "Tools," and select "Extensions".

Press "Uninstall" next to "Adblock Plus" to remove the extension from Google Chrome.

Locate "Menu" > "Preferences" once the browser is loaded.

Click on the "Extensions" button.

Scroll and locate "Adblock Plus" and press the "Uninstall" button located next to the extension to remove it entirely.

Open Internet Explorer.

Select "Tools," and press "Manage Add-Ons".

Click "All Add-Ons" under "Show" in the window.

Locate and select "Adblock Plus," and select "Disable" once the application is highlighted.

Click "Close" to save the settings of disabling Adblock Plus from Internet Explorer.

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