How to Reset the Password on Your Garmin Nuvi

Updated February 21, 2017

Garmin Nuvi global positioning systems have a theft-deterrent system called Garmin Lock. When the Garmin Lock feature is turned on, the Nuvi will prompt you for a four-digit password when you turn on the device unless you are at your security location. When you are at the security location, the Nuvi will take you straight to the menu without prompting you for the code. You can reset the password through the Nuvi menu system.

Touch the wrench icon on the Nuvi's main screen.

Tap the "System" option and select "Garmin Lock." Touch the "On/Off" button.

Type your new password, then tap the "Yes" button.

Tap "Tools" and select "Settings."

Tap "Security," touch "Garmin Lock" and select "On/Off."

Type your new password and press "Yes."

Tap "Tools" and select "Settings."

Tap "System" for all Nuvis in this section except the 295W. For the 295W, tap "On/Off" instead.

Scroll down and tap "Garmin Lock."

Touch "Lock Device" and tap "Enabled/Disabled."

Tap "Save" and enter your new password. Touch "Yes" when finished.


Go to your security location if you can't remember your password. The security location is the place you set when you enabled Garmin Lock.


If you have forgotten your password and cannot get to your security location, you will need to send the Nuvi back to Garmin for repair. You can contact the company toll-free at (800) 800-1020.

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