How to Get the Administrator Badge on ROBLOX

An online virtual reality game designed for players aged 8- to 18-years-old, "ROBLOX" combines user-generated game creation with social networking and competition. Players compete by playing or building games or real estate, which earns them a combination of ROBUX currency or speciality badges. The badges, which are standard or user-designed, appear on your profile page to display your expertise and experience in the online "ROBLOX" world. Unlike other badges, the administrator badge is only awarded to users that are employees at ROBLOX.

Click the "Play Now" button on the "ROBLOX" home page to sign up for a free membership account. You can upgrade your account to a Builder's Club membership by clicking on the "Builder's Club" icon at the top of the home page and selecting a monthly, yearly, semi-annually or lifetime payment package.

Visit the "Jobs" icon at the bottom of the ROBLOX home page for information on available positions, the company's location and information on the company's hiring model.

Send your resume to In the subject line of the email, include the type of employment position in which you are interested.


If you are unable to gain employment at ROBLOX as an administrator, consider a forum moderator or image moderator position. Awarded to seasonal, experienced ROBLOX members by invitation only, the forum and image moderator job is offered to members that are active participants on the site. As a moderator, you will be given a special badge and may delete threads that violate the community rules of the game. Moderators that perform well may also earn the super moderator badge.


If you are approached on "ROBLOX" by a player claiming to be a moderator or administrator, check that a badge is present. If the badge is not visible, do not respond to the player and click "Report Abuse" to notify a real administrator.

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