How to Change the Combination on a Burton Cable Lock

Written by zachary kellerman | 13/05/2017
How to Change the Combination on a Burton Cable Lock
Keep your snowboard safe with a simple compact lock. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

The easiest way to protect your snowboard from thieves, other than carrying it everywhere you go, is to purchase a lock for the board. After a day on the slopes, you might want to head into the lodge to relax. But you probably don't want to just leave your board. The Burton cable lock straps your board to a ski rack or other stationary object, leaving you with peace of mind that your board will be there when you return.

Set the lock to its correct combination, either your own three-digit code or 0-0-0 if you just purchased it.

Press and hold the "Retract" button on the left side of the lock to draw the cable back into the lock.

Push the tip of the cable even further into the lock with your hand. This step must be done manually after the cable retracts automatically.

Enter your new combination, then pull the cable back out and scramble the numbers to engage the new combination.

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