How to Hook Up a Digital Jack to a Bose Companion 5

Updated February 21, 2017

The Bose Companion 5 is a computer speaker system consisting of two stereo speakers connected to a subwoofer. The self-powered sub plugs into the computer with a USB cable. Bose designed the system primarily for listening to music and audio playback of computer games. If you want to adapt the Companion 5 for use on other equipment, such as a home theatre receiver, you use a converter box with a USB connection rather than a digital optical or coaxial, which is a more common connection method on home electronics. Converter boxes are available at electronics stores.

Turn off the power on the cylindrical control pod for the Bose system.

Connect the Bose subwoofer's USB cable to the USB port on the audio converter box.

Plug in either a digital coaxial or optical cable into the appropriate jack on the audio converter box. Connect the other end to a compatible jack on your AV receiver or other component.

Insert the round plug on the DC power cable supplied with the audio converter box into the electrical socket on the box. Plug in the other end to a 120-volt wall outlet.

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