How to Bridge a Belkin N300

Updated July 20, 2017

Bellkin N300 wireless routers support bridging using the Wireless Distribution System standard. When multiple Belkin routers are configured to use WDS, each router uses the same wireless network SSID and channel. This creates the effect of an extended wireless network. Roaming wireless devices automatically connect to the Belkin router with the strongest wireless signal. WDS enables a wireless device to seamlessly switch between routers without user intervention. You can bridge a Belkin N300 router by setting up WDS in the configuration interface.

Connect a computer to one of the Belkin's "LAN" ports with an Ethernet cable.

Open a Web browser and enter "" into the address bar. Press "Enter."

Click "Login," then click "Submit."

Make a note of the WLAN MAC address on the Status page.

Click "Wireless Bridging" under the "Wireless" category.

Click to check the two boxes "Enable wireless bridging" and "Enable only specific access points to connect."

Type the MAC address of the Belkin router and the MAC addresses of the other wireless routers or access points that are participating in the bridged WDS network. If using Belkin devices, repeat the previous steps to obtain the WLAN MAC addresses, otherwise refer to the owner's manual of the wireless device to find the WLAN MAC address.

Click "Apply Changes" to save the settings.

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