How to Change Your Moshi Monster

Updated February 21, 2017

The virtual pet adoption site, Moshi Monsters, does not allow monster pet owners to change the species of their monsters once the adoption is confirmed and a Moshi Monsters account is opened. The site will allow you to change the colour of your monster and change the species during the adoption process. In addition, users with a paid membership can change the body, face and eye colour after adoption.

Click the "Adopt Now" button on the main Moshi Monsters Web page to see the selection of available monster species: Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet and Luvli. Click on a monster to select it for adoption.

Select a colour square on the "Main Color" list and another on the "Extra Color" list to choose your monster's colours. Try different combinations of colours until you find a combination that you like, and then click the "Next" right-arrow button to confirm the choices. To change the species, click the "Back" left-arrow button to go to the previous section, select a different species, repeat the colour selection process and click "Next."

Check the "I Agree to the Rules and I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" under the Monster Adoption Rules list after you have selected a species and coloured it. Click "Next" and enter your contact information to finish the adoption process.

Click the "Map" icon while inside your monster's home, or on the streets of Monstro City or the surrounding areas, to bring up the map of the Moshi Monsters world.

Highlight and select "The Port" on the left side of the map along the water to go to The Port shops area. Click on the Colorama shop door to go inside.

Click anywhere on the colour wheel to select a colour for the part of your monster that the main arrow at the top of the colour wheels points to: "Body," "Face" or "Eyes." Click on the part-name signs to switch areas to paint. Click and drag the "Brightness" arrow under the colour wheel right to darken or left to lighten the colours.

Select "Buy" to purchase the changes for 100 Rox after you change your monster's appearance to a colour combination that you like.


If you want a different species of monster after you've adopted one, adopt a new pet in a new account. Log out of your existing account, go to the main adoption page and repeat the adoption process. This doesn't swap one pet for another -- you will have two Moshi Monsters pets, not one. If you try to adopt a new Moshi Monsters pet while signed into your account by clicking the "Adopt Now" button, the following message will appear: "To adopt another Moshi Monster you must be signed out of your current account." If you don't like the colour options that you select in the Colorama shop and want to start from scratch, click "Wash" and then "Yes" in the pop-up that appears to wash the paint off.

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