Instructions for an Acqua Indiglo Watch

Written by candice abrams | 13/05/2017

Acqua is a subdivision of the Timex watch company. They create a line of watches called Indiglo watches. The name Indiglo is named after the illuminating light on the watch's face. The mixture of zinc sulphide and copper in the watch produces this light every time you push a button. It will display your watch's current date and time. You will find this watch especially useful when venturing out in the dark. It is quite simple to use your Aqua Indigo watch if you follow a few easy guidelines.

Press the "Mode" button on the left side of your watch.

Press the "Start/Stop" button in the upper right corner. Press "Spl/Reset" to select the appropriate hour. Repeat this step to set the minutes and seconds.

Press "Start/Stop" one more. Set your watch to the current date.

Press the "Mode" button. This saves the changes on your watch.

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